By designing reliable electronics and software components, we realize user-friendly and cost-effective IoT platforms for our customers.



Adaino is an open source Analog Data Acquisition library for Arduino. It simplifies reading analog inputs at any sampling rate and cares about the proper acquisition thereof.

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To provide our users the best IoT experience possible, we have developed Werkboard, a fully featured IoT cockpit to manage your IoT applications.

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At Werktag we are developing energy efficient IoT Systems, to give our customers easy access to the full potential of IoT.

We rely on the ecosystem of existing electronic and software components and thus benefit from their reliability and maintainability. With the complementary development of application-specific enhancements, we enable our clients to realize their unique ideas as mobile, digital devices.

In order to provide you with the best possible support, we follow current trends and technologies and, thanks to our experience from past projects, can weigh their advantages and disadvantages and tailor them to your solution. We do not rely on abstract presentations, but test the technologies on self-developed prototypes. Only this way we know it works in the real world.

In particular, the use and creation of open software (Open Source) and free hardware (Open Hardware) is an integral part of our work. We integrate existing components into a functional and user-friendly whole and extend this to customer-specific functions. Depending on requirements, we develop these modules under an open license or as a proprietary solution that protects the core competencies of our customers. With the right use of open source components, you not only benefit from a larger ecosystem, but also from shorter development times and lower development costs.

With a lot of experience, creativity and enthusiasm we create extraordinary solutions that inspire users with reliability and user-friendliness. Our independence allows us to meet the needs of our customers with the best solutions.


We are a small team of enthusiastic Engineers, doing all the work, starting with acquisition, to development and support, by ourselfs. This ensures we’re alway close to the project and can react efficient, flexible and competent to any change.


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