Whether wireless or wired, IoT devices are connected to the Internet and regularly exchange data.

For a simple, reliable and cost-efficient operation of an IoT platform, the choice of the right communication technology plays an important role. In addition to data bandwidth and range, availability, reliability, security, energy requirements and infrastructure requirements must also be considered.

The often large to very large number of nodes in an IoT system is a great challenge for cost-effective implementation. For efficient operation, the individual nodes must run as long as possible and new nodes can simply be installed in the system. Low demands on the existing infrastructure also help to keep the planning and installation costs low.

Werktag knows the strengths and weaknesses of available communication technologies and can competently assist you in choosing and implementing the appropriate solution.

  • Security: The IoT can turn from an advantage to a disadvantage, if devices are hijacked and become a botnet. Our experience in electronic payments helps us to keep an eye on the security of your devices.

  • Energy Efficiency: The radio module can make up a considerable part of the energy consumption of an IoT device. With the optimization of the system architecture and a smarter choice of the communication technology, the energy requirement can be significantly reduced and thus enables long battery life.