Sensors enable digital systems to perceive their environment and are the data providers of every IoT solution.

Sensors pick up physical signals from the environment and convert them into a digital signal that can then be processed by a computer. For the design of a reliable sensor system, the optimal interaction of electronics, acquisition and signal processing are of utmost importance.

In addition actuators allow IoT devices to influence the environment of the device due to processed sensor data or user instructions. In this way, such systems can interact with users, for example, or take appropriate countermeasures in the event of an unwanted event. In preventing major damage, the real-time behavior of the system can be of crucial importance.

For the realization of your sensor and actuator nodes, werktag supports you in the development of electronic, firmware and software components, drawing on many years of experience and extensive expert knowledge:

  • Electronics: For a reliable and low-noise operation of sensitive sensor systems, the clean signal separation of digital and analog circuits is essential.

  • Acquisition: A precise and real-time control of the sensors ensures that the recorded sensor data meets the quality requirements of the application. Frequently, digital circuits such as FPGAs are used for this purpose.

  • Signal Processing: Sophisticated and high-performance processing of the sensor data guarantees that the resulting data is evaluated on time and made available to the application. With an understanding of electronics and physics, it is also possible to detect possible sensor artefacts and to correct them on time. Depending on your needs, FPGAs, processors or GPUs are used for this area.

  • Real-time Behavior: Only a reliable reaction time, can guarantee the error-free behavior of a complete system. Microcontrollers or FPGAs are often used for the real-time-capable control of internal or external components.

  • Energy Efficiency: Thanks to energy-efficient implementations, you can achieve longer run times in independent operation or increase the performance of your hardware. We support you with optimal power management, the use of dedicated processor instructions or digital logic.

Thanks to our know-how, our customers benefit from a simple installation of the sensor nodes, but also from an extraordinary longevity of the devices.