Android OS

Android Open Source Project

Benefit from the ecosystem of the Android Open Source Project operating system in your IoT or Embedded project.

The term Android is known to most people in the mobile phone market. If you remove the Google applications such as Chrome, GMail, etc., you end up with the freely available Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This can be ported to its own platforms (including Linux kernel) and offers the following advantages over other embedded solutions:

  • Over the Air Update (OTA Updates)
    • The AOSP provides a comprehensive update solution for all components such as kernels, libraries, UI and applications
    • The security of the updates is guaranteed by the build system, since all packages are signed with their own keys
    • Update packages can be generated from the build system, which simplifies the creation and testing of updates
    • Applications can be delivered with OS Update and do not have to be distributed separately
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
    • The HAL can be extended by its own low-level functionality. Thus, device-specific functionality can be made available to the applications
    • The AOSP provides a standardized API for application development. Application developers without embedded or hardware skills can co-develop on the device
    • SDK: Kotlin / Xamarin (C#) / Java
    • NDK: C/C++
  • Due to its widespread use, the AOSP offers sophisticated connectivity and sensor technology, such as
    • WLan
    • 4G
    • GPS
    • GPIO

Werktag has experience in porting the AOSP, the development of system applications as well as normal Android applications.