Cloud Software

Reliable Cloud Software

The cloud is the backbone of an IoT platform. Here, the devices are managed and data collected, processed and made available to users or applications.

A mature device management ensures that all sensor nodes are always available and new nodes can be installed with minimal effort. A high amount of IoT nodes can be centrally monitored and maintained, and security-relevant firmware updates can be uploaded “over the air” at any time. A fine-meshed and secure user administration ensures a meaningful and correct assignment of rights to user groups.

In addition to the administrative tasks, data management is the second important task of a cloud system. The incoming data packets of all the sensor nodes must be organized and archived in a database. An automated data processing ensures that the desired events are properly recognized and the necessary measures can be taken. Techniques of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can also be used in this area.

A high degree of usability ensures that both pros and non-technical users can perform the pending administrative tasks and data analyzes to their satisfaction. Thanks to open interfaces (APIs), the IoT solution can be easily integrated into existing systems.

We at Workday believe that the data collected should belong to their producers and not a proprietary platform. Depending on the preferences, capabilities and resources of our customers, our cloud solution therefore runs on its own server, its own cloud instance or is hosted directly by us. This way, data sovereignty is always in the hands of our customers.

The scalability of our solutions ensures that the system can keep up with the increasing number of sensor nodes, data and user requests.

Werktag has experience in designing, developing and operating reliable and extensible cloud systems.