To provide our users the best IoT experience possible, we have developed Werkboard, a fully featured IoT cockpit to manage your IoT applications.

Free Preview

Curios on how Werkboard looks like? Login with our free demo account demo@werktag.io and password demo to see our environmental indoor sensors in action.

Werkboard Preview

Note that the development of Werkboard is ongoing and new features and enhancements will be added soon.

Werkboard at a Glance

  • Customized Applications: We can fully customize the IoT solution to your needs. This starts with a free selection of sensor nodes and connectivity solutions and ends with a user interface following your corporate’s identity.
  • Unique User Experience for all Your IoT Applications: As we are in charge of the entire toolchain, we are able to build a fully integrated application without compromises.
  • Device Management: Have your IoT devices under full control. Be it battery status, connection status, sensor parameters or firmware versions, you have immediate access to your devices’ status and can update them over the air.
  • Access Control: Give access to your devices, data and applications to other people in your organization. Thanks to fine-grained access rights, everyone can do what he needs to do.
  • Security: Werkboard has been designed with a security focus straight from the beginning.
  • Data Management and Visualization: Your sensor data is visualized with intuitive charts and can be exported to be processed in the data processing framework of your choice.
  • Responsive Design: With its responsive design, Werkboard is easy to use on mobile devices and desktop computers alike.
  • Flexible Connectivity Solutions: Thanks to Werkboard’s modular design, sensors connected by any connectivity solution can be integrated. Be it LoRaWAN, WiFi, GSM/LTE, Ethernet or any other connectivity solution.
  • Open Interfaces: Thanks to its open interfaces (APIs), the solution can be easily integrated into existing systems.
  • Flexible Deployment: Werkboard can be run on your own servers or deployed to one of the available cloud services. It is designed to scale with your growing IoT platform.
  • Built on Open Source: Werkboard is built upon the power, maintainability and security of great open source projects like Flask and Bootstrap.

Werkboard Mockup


Werkboard’s modular architecture guarantees for scalability and stable operation. It is built upon the following main components:

  • Device Connector: The Device Connector (grabber) collects the messages sent by the sensor devices, verifies their identity and correctness and stores the relevant data in the database.
  • Database: A reliable and flexible database stores the sensor data, device configurations, configuration options and user data and makes them available to the user’s application.
  • Dashboard: A fully featured dashboard provides access to your devices, data and configuration options in a user friendly manner.


If you are interested in Werkboard for solving your IoT challenge, contact us to discuss the available options.